For Admissions into GNM, BSc-Nursing, BSc-MLT, DMLT, BPT, MPT and MBA-Healthcare Mgt Call on:

Dr. Ravi Kumar Tati

Dr. Ravi Kumar Tati is a distinguished academic leader renowned for his expertise in finance and management. Holding a formidable academic background with degrees including an M. Com, MBA, NET, and a PhD from Osmania University, India, Dr. Tati’s illustrious career has been marked by a series of prestigious awards, including the State Best Teacher Award by the Government of Telangana in 2021, the Best Finance Teacher award from Ambitions Awards in 2022, and the IPA Sanman Best Teacher Award in 2020. He has been a driving force in the establishment of academic institutions and programs, playing a pivotal role in setting up of the institutions like; the Center of Excellence (CoE), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in Hyderabad in 2010 and Nova Business School in Hyderabad. Furthermore, Dr. Tati’s expertise extends to curriculum design for Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programs in various business schools. Beyond the realm of academia, Dr. Tati’s influence is felt in practical domains. He has conducted extensive training programs, equipping approximately 450 scientists and officers in the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. His role as a consultant and resource person for projects and programs managed by JEEES Enterprise Solutions (JES), recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the USA, underscores his real-world impact. Dr. Ravi Kumar Tati’s distinguished memberships in professional associations, international experience, and leadership in curriculum design highlight his dedication to excellence in education and his profound influence in shaping academic and practical realms alike

Mr. Subodh Singh BK

Mr. Subodh Singh is a seasoned CXO with a wealth of practical expertise in the healthcare industry, spanning both India and the Gulf region. His professional journey is characterized by a strong leadership role in profit and loss (P&L) management, encompassing a diverse range of responsibilities such as business development, operational oversight, the orchestration of cross-functional teams, cost optimization, IT and digital strategy implementation, and the formulation of market growth strategies. With a remarkable 25-year career in healthcare, Mr. Singh’s hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of hospital operations, business development, and P&L management are truly commendable. He possesses a profound knowledge of quality tools, mandatory regulatory compliances (both legal and clinical), patient expectations, and service excellence, among other critical aspects of the healthcare sector. Throughout his career, Mr. Singh has been associated with renowned healthcare institutions, including a notable 15-year tenure at Apollo Hospitals Group and 8 years at KIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad. His commitment to professional growth and skill enhancement is exemplified by his participation in educational pursuits and on-the-job learning experiences, such as the McKinsey-Apollo Way programme. His extensive experience extends to overseeing the P&L responsibilities of medium-scale hospitals, typically ranging from 200 to 300 beds. Currently, Mr. Subodh Singh holds the position of Adjunct Professor of Practice at the KIMS School of Healthcare Management, where he continues to share his vast knowledge and expertise with the next generation of healthcare professionals. With an impressive track record of leadership and accomplishments in the healthcare sector, Mr. Singh remains a respected figure and a valuable contributor to the industry.

Mr. R Y. Bharat Kanth Reddy

Mr. R Y Bharath Kanth Reddy holds the Master of Hospital Management (MHM) from Osmania University. Mr. Bharath has a successful & exciting multispecialty healthcare journey with over 22 years in India & Africa. He was handling the responsibility of profitably managing secondary and tertiary care multi-speciality hospitals. Started the healthcare journey with Apollo hospitals and worked with many reputed hospitals. Presently working with KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad, as Chief Operating Officer from April 2020. He is an active member for Hospital Administration societies such as AHA, NAHQ, HIMSS. He is the best resource person for management students’ fields making him an avid academician, intending to share practical knowledge & experiences in academic sessions. His specialties are into different fields like Strategic Planning, Policy Formulation, Profit Generation, Managing Complexities, Capacity Utilization, Competitor Analysis, Internal Process Auditing and New Project Initiatives. Current he is associated with KIMS Institute of Management as a Professor of Practice

Ms. Haritha Vijayan

Ms. Haritha Vijayan is a highly accomplished healthcare professional with a diverse background in nursing and hospital administration. Her educational qualifications include a Master’s degree in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing, emphasizing her specialized knowledge in critical care nursing, and a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration, showcasing her expertise in healthcare management. Haritha has also earned recognition as a Certified EuSim Simulator Instructor from the Stavanger Acute Medicine Foundation for Education and Research in Norway. This certification underscores her proficiency in medical simulation techniques and her ability to instruct and lead in this vital aspect of healthcare education. Currently, Haritha holds the position of General Manager – Nursing at KIMS Hospitals. In this pivotal role, she oversees various critical aspects of healthcare delivery and management. In addition to her leadership role at KIMS Hospitals, Haritha actively contributes to the academic sphere as an Adjunct Faculty Member at KIMS School of Healthcare Management. Her engagement in academia underscores her commitment to nurturing and guiding the next generation of healthcare professionals, ensuring a strong and skilled workforce in the field.

Dr. Neetal

Dr. Neetal is an esteemed healthcare and business strategist with a remarkable career spanning 27 years, marked by diverse accomplishments and a broad range of expertise. As the Group Head for eHealth at KIMS Hospitals, he has consistently demonstrated his proficiency in various aspects of healthcare, including operations, quality management, training, and audits. Dr. Neetal’s influence extends far beyond local boundaries, as he has successfully overseen projects in numerous countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. His certifications in Six Sigma and ITIL underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence and efficiency in healthcare operations. One of Dr. Neetal’s standout achievements is his pioneering role in the field of telemedicine, where he has been at the forefront for over a decade. His innovative approach and leadership have contributed significantly to the growth and success of telemedicine initiatives, both nationally and internationally. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Neetal leads a multifaceted life. He is a certified soft skills trainer, showcasing his dedication to personal and professional development. Additionally, his diverse interests range from being a skilled sportsman with a brown belt in Taekwondo to a certified aerobics instructor and a passionate musician. These pursuits reveal his well-rounded personality and his commitment to staying active and creative outside of work. In addition to his numerous accomplishments, Dr. Neetal is also an educator, currently serving as an Adjunct Faculty Member at KIMS School of Healthcare Management. Through his teaching, he continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of healthcare professionals, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. Dr. Neetal’s vibrant presence, extensive expertise, and dedication to both healthcare and personal growth make him a highly respected figure in his field, and his global impact is a testament to his outstanding contributions to the healthcare industry.

Dr. Divya Sri Govathoti

Dr. Divya Sri Govathoti is a distinguished healthcare professional with a multifaceted educational background and a wealth of expertise. Holding a PG Certification in Leadership in Medicine from Harvard Medical School, a Masters in Psychology from Bangalore, India, and degrees in Business Administration and Pharmacy from India, she brings a unique blend of medical, psychological, and business acumen to her career. With a notable track record that spans across esteemed institutions such as Yashoda Hospitals and Apollo Hospitals, she currently holds a pivotal role within the KIMS Group of Hospitals. Dr. Govathoti’s areas of specialization encompass scientific research, product development, clinical trials, clinical audit, pharmacovigilance, and therapy analysis. Her proficiency extends to business management, clinical pharmacy, therapeutics, pharmacology, medical strategy, and psychology. She excels in interpersonal communication, people orientation, strategy development, leadership, and analytical decision-making. Dr. Divya Sri Govathoti’s extensive qualifications and diverse skill set position her as an invaluable asset in the dynamic and multifaceted landscape of healthcare. Dr. Divya  is associated with KIMS School of Healthcare Management as Assistant Professor.

Ms. Segu Sravani

Sravani is serving as the AGM for Corporate Projects at KIMS Hospitals’ Corporate Office. With an MBA in healthcare management and certifications in Healthcare Quality Management and Data Science and Business Analytics, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role. With a remarkable 15-year career exclusively in healthcare and hospital  management, Sravani excels in various core competencies, including business and data analytics, MIS planning and restructuring, business process reengineering, budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling. She leads teams responsible for analyzing the company’s performance at individual unit and group levels, conducting business trend analysis, and optimizing operational processes. Sravani’s commitment to research-driven business intelligence and her role as Adjunct Faculty at KIMS School of Healthcare Management highlight her dedication to advancing healthcare management practices and data-driven decision-making in the industry. Her contributions play a pivotal role in the success and growth of KIMS Hospitals.

Mr. Lalit Kaura 

Mr. Lalit Kaura is an experienced Chartered Accountant with a career spanning 12 years in various aspects of risk consulting and management, business process reviews, process design and implementation, project management, governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), as well as internal controls. He possesses strong skills in data analytics and visualization, which are valuable in today’s data-driven business environment. Mr. Kaura has worked with renowned organizations such as Ernst & Young (E&Y), Larsen & Toubro (L&T), and Deutsche Bank (DBOI). Currently, Mr. Lalit Kaura holds the position of Head of Internal Audit at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Limited. Additionally, he serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at KIMS School of Healthcare Management, where he likely shares his extensive knowledge and practical insights with future professionals in the field. His wealth of experience and expertise in risk management, financial controls, and internal audit make him a valuable asset to the organizations he has been associated with and an influential figure in the field of finance and business.

Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi

Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi, is a highly accomplished and versatile professional with a diverse range of expertise in the fields of Education, Research and Training in India, Oman, Turkey and the Maldives. He is an MA, MEd, MPhil, MBA and PhD.
Presently, he is a Visiting Professor and Life Skills Coach (Business Communication, Soft Skills and ELT), he is serving as a Member on the Board of Studies for 3 Universities such as Rabindranath Tagore University, Madhya Pradesh; Sri Padmavati Mahila University, AP and Malla Reddy University, Telangana. He is an approved Research Guide for 3 universities in India guiding PhD scholars.
He is a Volunteer Educator for Higher Education Training for Teachers (HETT), Canada, contributed to Myanmar Teachers’ development, he brings a wealth of experience to curriculum and course design.
His contributions extend beyond academia, as he has worked with various corporate clients, including Heritage Foods, MSN Pharma Labs, NHDC, THDC, APGENCO/TRANSCO, Naval Dockyard, MIDHANI, Aurobindo Pharma, ETV Life,, Singareni Callieries, DRDO, ISRO under the Ministry of Defence. Dr. Kalyan’s commitment to education is evident through his numerous certifications and as an Empanelled Guest Faculty at ISTM, New Delhi and ESCI, Hyderabad. He is a registered Trainer and Assessor, NSDC, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. He is holding prestigious certifications awarded by DoPT, Govt of India and Thames Valley University, UK in Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Design of Training (DoT) Evaluation of Training (EoT), Google Certified Educator, and Experiential Learning Tools (ELT). His passion for knowledge dissemination is further reflected in his role as a presenter of interactive Live Talks on national platforms, including All India Radio, ETV, Vanita TV and YouTube. As a Mentor in Entrepreneurship (BYST, India) and Soft Skills Development, he actively contributes to the enhancement of Employability Skills.

Notably, Dr.T.K. Chakrakravarthi is also an accomplished author, with published books on Soft Skills and English Language Teaching.
His commitment to education and training has garnered significant recognition, including the prestigious Distinguished Indian and Peace Envoy award from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Foundation, 2023 and the title of Best Trainer 2018 from Evolve Excellence. Currently he is associated with KIMS School of Healthcare Management in training, and mentoring the MBA students to hone up their futuristic skills set.

Mr. Bobby

Mr. Bobby brings to the academic realm an extensive background spanning over 15 years, primarily focused on teaching and mentoring. His role as an Assistant Professor has made him to impart knowledge to undergraduate and post-graduate students, guiding their educational journeys while actively engaging in academic and professional service pursuits. Furthermore, He assumed the position of Head of the Department of Business Management, where He skillfully managed a dedicated faculty team and meticulously monitored the academic advancement of 360 BBA students annually. In this leadership capacity, He fostered a culture of data-driven decision-making, ensured the seamless operation of Moodle LMS, and promoted collaboration, open communication, and peer recognition within the department. His knack for drafting departmental policies, setting priorities, and nurturing the professional growth of team members has played an instrumental role in their collective pursuit of academic excellence. Additionally, His technical adeptness, encompassing tools like MS Office, Google Workspace, and proficiency in programming languages such as C, C++, VB, and SQL, bolsters his instructional and organizational capabilities. Beyond academia, Bobby’s multifaceted involvement as a writer and mentor for a non-profit initiative geared towards college students underscores his unwavering commitment to education and personal development. Mr. Bobby is Adjunct Assistant Professor at KIMS School of Healthcare Management.

M. Satya Swaroop Roy

M. Satya Swaroop Roy is currently pursuing a Ph.D. program at NIT-AP and has earned an MBA in H.R & Finance from JNTU Campus, Kakinada, along with successfully qualifying for the UGC-NET in Management. With a rich background in academia and professional experience, he has contributed significantly to the field. His teaching expertise spans various subjects, including Quantitative Analysis, Business Law, and Operations Research, among others. He actively engages in research activities, resulting in published articles in esteemed journals. Satya Swaroop Roy’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through his participation in workshops, Faculty Development Programs, webinars, and international conferences. He is a proud member of the ISTE and holds certifications in research methodology. Known for his exceptional communication and teaching skills, he has also demonstrated strong organizational abilities while coordinating events for AICTE, NAAC. His dedication to both learning and teaching makes him a valuable asset to the academic community. He is associated with KIMS School of Healthcare Management  for Healthcare IT and Healthcare Analytics.

Dr. L. Divya Sai

Dr. L. Divya Sai joined as Research Associate at KIMS Institute of Management. She completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) at Narayana Dental College and Hospital, where she actively participated in various dental camps, showcasing her dedication to community service. After completing her BDS, Dr. Divya Sai worked as an associate dentist for a year, gaining practical experience in the field. Her passion for healthcare and management led her to pursue a post-graduate degree in MBA – Hospital and Healthcare Management from the prestigious Apollo Institute of Healthcare Management. Additionally, her involvement in social awareness activities showcases her dedication to making a positive impact on society beyond her professional endeavors.

Mr. M. Sukumar

Mr. M. Sukumar joined KIMS Institute of Management in August 2022, assuming the role of Academic Executive. With a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Mass Communication and a Master of Arts (M.A) in Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ), Mr. Sukumar’s academic prowess is complemented by a distinguished career in the media industry. His journey includes significant contributions to both Telugu and English news outlets, with a notable stint at NTV, a prominent Telugu news channel in the Telugu states of India. In his current capacity at KIMS, Mr. Sukumar plays a pivotal role in academic coordination. He acts as a vital link between the institution’s academic programs and the practical experiences offered by universities and hospitals. His responsibilities include organizing and overseeing field trips, enriching the educational journeys of students. Mr. Sukumar’s unique blend of academic rigor and practical wisdom ensures the seamless execution of these programs, enhancing the institution’s reputation and providing students with a holistic educational experience. His dedication to academic excellence sets him apart, making a lasting impact on KIMS Institute of Management’s standing and its commitment to quality education.