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Principal’s Message

Throughout the annals of history, the course of human life has undergone transformative shifts, often accompanied by formidable challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a defining epoch, reshaping the very fabric of our existence and compelling us to adapt to an unprecedented “new normal.” Remarkably, professionals such as doctors and educators, whose roles traditionally relied upon in-person interactions, have seamlessly transitioned to remote work, preserving their effectiveness in connecting with clients and students. This era has borne witness to an extraordinary surge in technological progress, with robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) spearheading a revolution that redefines job landscapes and roles, ushering in a wave of fresh opportunities for the forthcoming generations. As a result, organizations face an imperative to chart innovative pathways that boost productivity while nurturing a stress-free and conducive environment for their valued workforce. At KIMS School of Healthcare Management, we hold steadfast to an educational philosophy that prioritizes hands-on learning over conventional lectures. Our pedagogical approach places a premium on reading, listening, and fostering dialogues. We complement these methods by encouraging students to immerse themselves in our flagship paid internship program, designed to imbue them with practical skills beyond theoretical knowledge. It is a source of immense pride for us that our students are in high demand from hospitals and healthcare institutions, even as early as their second semester. This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to nurturing skills that transcend the boundaries of mere academia. For those harbouring aspirations of building a robust career in the ever-evolving healthcare sector, we extend a heartfelt invitation to join KIMS School of Healthcare Management. Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled learning journey, one that prepares you for success and excellence in this dynamic field.

Dr. Ravi Kumar Tati,

M.Com, MBA, NET, PhD